1. All guns must be properly transported to and from Sim-Tac no exception.
  2. When you are hit call it clearly and take out your death rag and hold it clearly above your head.
  3. There will be no abusive language used towards other players or staff of Sim-Tac.
  4. The decision of the Marshal is final.
  5. There is no calling out of other players to take there hits.
  6. If players are have problems with other players, get a marshal, don't confront players directly.
  7. The bang rule is not manditory but we would like players to offer it as a show of good sportsmanship.
  8. There is no climbing of obstacles including in and out of windows.
  9. Doors can not be held or forced closed.
  10. There is no kicking in of doors or any sort of cover.
  11. When in the main buildings it is Semi only.
  12. When shooting out of a window, the muzzle of the airsoft gun must not pass the window frame.
  13. No blind fire (you must be looking down your sights to see what you are shooting at).
  14. Safety googles must be worn outside the safe zone at all times.
  15. All guns must be cronod before game.
  16. No knives or sharp abject allowed in game area.
  17. Dead men don't talk.
  18. If there is a real emergency call out ‘EMERGENCY’ Loudly and pass on the call to a marshal, all game play will stop on hearing emergency, until the marshals have dealt with the emergency and given the all clear for the game to restart.


Please download a waiver here and fill it in before arrival as it will speed up the membership process.